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Celebrating Events and Presenting Gifts with 'Red & White Wild Rose' Cardstock Flowers

'Red & White Wild Rose' Cardstock Flower available at
MiYeon Shop Malaysia (

Wild Rose is a species of flower that exists naturally in its native habitat without the influence of mankind.
It symbolizes simplicity, love, friendship, happiness and secret. Diffferent colour of wild roses also signify different meanings. Red Wild Roses symbolizes love and long lasting passion, while White Wild Roses symbolizes innocence and pureness.

Wild Rose has been prominent in many cultures of the world. It is adored for its beauty, fragrance and meaning. Wild Rose is recognised as the state flower of several states in USA. In ancient Rome, a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where confidential matters were discussed. Wild Rose is also widely used in making perfume for its special and charming sweet scent.

Red & White is also a beautiful colour combination that is attractive and cheery. In Japanese culture, the combination of Red & White (kouhaku) is a symbol of happy and auspicious occasions. Long curtains with red and white stripes are used as decoration for wedding reception events. Pairs of red and white steamed rice cakes with sweet beans filling (manjuu) are offered as gifts at weddings, graduations or other auspicious commemorative events. Red and white ceremonial paper strings (mizuhiki) are used as gift wrapping ornaments for weddings and other auspicious occasions.

Beautify and enhance your gift presentation and event decoration with "Red & White Wild Rose" Cardstock Flowers. These pretty little cardstock flowers are ideal as a decorative embellishment and flourishing for your event and celebration ideas. Enhance your gift wrapping presentation with a bouquet of cardstock flowers. Embellish your greeting card, photo album or diary with these petite elegant cardstock flowers. Create a special theme for your event with these cardstock flowers as screen decoration, table top ornament as well as embellishment for place card or escort card. "Red & White Wild Rose" Cardstock Flowers are suitable for weddings, birthday parties, congratulatory or celebration dinners, product launching events, corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions etc.

Enhance your event decoration theme and gift presentation idea today with "Red & White Wild Rose" Cardstock Flowers for a touch of class and style !!!

Set of 9 Pieces per Box ~ 'Red & White Wild Rose' Cardstock Flower available at
MiYeon Shop Malaysia (

A collection of Cardstock Flower is currently available at
MiYeon Shop Malaysia (

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